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One Day, or Day One

Just as there are three sides to every coin... your life provides the same number of choices. Grow and evolve despite uncertainty, cower in fear of the unknown, or choose to stay in the status quo... problem is, only one of those options brings true happiness.

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Natalia Powers

Founder of Designed Initiatives

"The reason I never scaled in the first place and expanded to automation was that I thought I was going to lose that authenticity... If you're hesitant about moving forward, this is a space that is really safe to grow and scale your business and keep that authentic connection."

"I didn't meet anyone until Kevin that I connected with or felt was actually invested in my success. I had a lot of fears... but I finally decided to pull the trigger and when I started The Mindful Method it blew me away. I watched the first video and knew I made the right choice."
Adam Chevalier
Business Owner


Sam Davis

CEO of The Femmé Society

"I would tell you to go ALL IN on this system... when you package it all together it provides an exponential increase to your bottom line and keeps your systems operating from an authentic place. As a business owner who prides themselves on creating a true connection with clients, [The Mindful Method] allowed me to do just that at scale."

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"The thing that brought me to sign with SYNCHRONICITY was the personal connection that I felt. Kevin doesn't just teach you how to run a business, he teaches you how to become the person you need to be to own a successful business and that's changed my life forever."
Gina Pearson
Founder of Cancer Care Wellness
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Brittny King

Business Owner & Life Coach

"It's a one-stop shop to scaling your business. Kevin covers everything in so much depth that if you follow the step-by-step process the only thing standing in the way of your results is you. Anytime I had a block, it had nothing to do with the program and everything to do with me."

"I am so blown away by the curriculum! This is what everyone needs but very few will actually do. I asked the universe for this... I didn’t know what form it was going to take, but I am so thankful and grateful I trusted the process. This is exactly what I need to grow my business!"
Alex Houghton
Entrepreneur & Agency Owner


Valarie Vargas

Owner of Boutique Boudoir Studios

"I got so much out of the Hedonic vs. Eudaimonic approach to life... I saw where my old Hedonic beliefs were holding me back. The good thing is, [our] values are aligned and I like working with people like that... Believe it or not, that one video made me realize why I was in so much pain."

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"This process has been inspiring. I had a lot of doubt coming in, and am starting to have spontaneous daydream fantasies of how my life could actually look as I build sustainable systems for my business. I'm very much looking forward to finally launching paid advertising."
Samuel Palmer
Online Yoga Studio Owner



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